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The Stroh family’s brewing heritage dates back to 1775 in Kirn, Germany, where they first brewed their famous beer in a humble family inn. In 1849, Bernhard Stroh left Germany and settled in Detroit. In 1850, he established what would become one of the greatest brewing companies in the world.

Stroh’s American Lager preserves the Stroh family heritage and boasts a true craft brew pedigree. Enriched with hop varieties usually reserved for craft brews, Stroh’s Lager offers a distinct and distinguished taste with a preponderance of Cascade and Wilammette hops grown in the Pacific Northwest. Pungent and pleasing, Stroh’s stands apart from the usual lager taste profile with its robust and unique flavor.

Stroh’s Bohemian is a crisp, balanced pilsner, with a floral aroma, subtle hops spice, and a rich, bready maltiness made from Saaz and Magnum hops and Vienna malt. A classic pilsner, brewed right here in Detroit!

  • 12 oz. Can
    Alcohol: 4.6% ALC/VOL
    Calories: 143
  • 12 oz. Bottle
    Alcohol: 4.6% ALC/VOL
    Calories: 143
  • Stroh's Bohemian
    Alcohol: 5.5% ALC/VOL
  • Stroh family begins brewing at a small Family Inn in Kirn, Germany.
  • Bernhard Stroh, who had learned the brewing trade from his father, emigrates to the United States, during the German Revolution.
  • Bernhard Stroh, establishes his own brewery in Detroit. Stroh names his new company Lion's Head Brewery, adopting the Lion's Crest logo from the Kyrburg Castle in Germany – the same crest that adorns Stroh beers today.
  • Stroh’s Bohemian Beer wins a Blue Ribbon at the Columbian Exposition (The World’s Fair) in Chicago.
  • Bernhard Stroh Jr. takes control of the brewery upon his father’s death. He changes the company's name to The Stroh Brewery Company.
  • Bernhard Stroh's brother Julius Stroh takes over the brewery. After a tour of famous European breweries, he introduced the European fire-brewing method in the Stroh brewery.
  • During Prohibition, the Stroh family operates under the name, The Stroh Products Company; producing near beer (beer with its alcohol extracted), birch beer, soft drinks, malt products, ice cream, and ice. Though production of most of these items ceased when Prohibition ended in 1933, Stroh Ice Cream can still be enjoyed today.
  • Upon Julius Stroh's death, his son Gari, becomes President of Stroh Brewery Company.
  • The Stroh Brewery Company acquires Goebel Brewing Company, with an eye towards national distribution.
  • Peter Stroh, Gari’s son, becomes the Fourth Generation family member to at as President of Stroh Brewery Company.
  • Stroh's produces and sells 6.4 million barrels of beer and is available for purchase in 17 states.
  • The Stroh Brewery Company purchases Schlitz Brewing Company, making Stroh’s the Third Largest Brewer in America.
  • Stroh’s introduces the “first dog of beer”, "Alex the Dog" in a series of commercials and print advertisements.
  • Landlocked and unable to expand operations, to meet growing demand, the Stroh Brewery Company makes a difficult decision to close the original, 135-year-old, brewery in Detroit.
  • The Stroh Brewery Company joins Pabst Brewing Company, the largest American owned brewing company.